DA Pitch

As mentioned, this will be a DA with an intention of giving back to the community as well as building a skills portfolio for myself.

Background Experience

Here is a list of my current experiences and skills that I have developed throughout my adult life. These will be provided for all fellow peers.


My project is content based on my skills. I will be creating and generating content for people. In other words, I am providing a service to them.

It involves curating and producing content as every person that I work with will be different.

The platforms that I will be using depend on the skill mentioned. For communication I will be using discord, email and twitter. As for providing the service, it can be either google ads, Facebook ads, photoshop, Sony Vegas and loads more software and apps that I already have access to.


The project is relevant to individuals as it is intended to help them in their own DA’s. Obviously some people will not require these services which would make them an exception.

The project is relevant to me as I want to build a portfolio and test myself on the skills that I have developed over many years.

Further Notes

I decided to make the project free of charge as I feel like there will be a lot of competition and I am in no place to put 100% effort into this DA. In my 3 years of BCM, I’ve had almost 5 different DA’s. For this reason, I am deciding that I will do as best as I can with what I have.

Goals of the project

Some goals that I would like to hit for this project are:

  • Help at least 5 people
  • Meet and connect with people I have never spoken too
  • Help someone with their marketing
  • Help someone with their online store/shop

Some of these are more doable than others but nevertheless, it is a great challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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